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You've had enough. Leave.

No matter how confident we are or how well put together our lives may seem, we all have encountered challenges and have been through some dark times, probably, more than once. Some of us were able to get through unscathed or with minimal damages, but some of us were left broken and are still trying to pick up all the pieces. From those experiences we've learnt that self-doubt and fear go hand-in-hand, and are part of the same process. Some of us have also learnt that our desire to succeed, achieve our goals and get better are also part of the same process, and help keep us in-check every step of the way.

Our brain is pre-conditioned to protect us from any physical or mental strain. And since our brain dislikes being uncomfortable, it often resists growth for primal survival purposes. That's why when we start anything new, there is fear of failure, and the initial feeling that we are not good enough and therefore we should stop trying.

Maybe, we are feeling that we don't deserve that opportunity, that person, that thing or that chance. Maybe, we doubt whether we have what it takes and whether we will succeed, so we don't start that project in the first place to avoid disappointment. We might even rationalize our fears. Those are all defence mechanisms that our mind creates and they can be overcome so we achieve more.

Developing self-respect early in life will save you from many regrets, mistakes and disappointments. Once you know your worth, you will never allow your mind or anyone else to disrespect you or offend you. Someone else's words or actions do not define you. Self-love and self-respect help avoid your brain tricking you into thinking you deserve less, and allow you to walk away freely, without a doubt from the things, places, people and circumstances that you have outgrown.

The stats over the past few weeks showed that the number of domestic violence cases have risen significantly as people are locked in together and are not able to escape. If you are one of many, feeling trapped, know this - there is a way out. Right now. You do not need to wait. Call the help line, a friend, or the police, pack your belongings with them next to you and leave.

It might feel terrifying, uncertain, and uncomfortable at first. Maybe, no one knows what you are going through and you are ashamed of your circumstances. Maybe, you are scared and not sure what the future holds. Maybe, you are convincing yourself that it's not THAT bad, and trying to logically justify the abuse. Maybe, the abuse is not physical, but emotional and mental, and you are scared that no one will believe you. Maybe, you've been told that no one will love you or be by your side. Know this - you matter, you are worthy and you are in charge of your future.

Get up. Pick up the phone. You've had enough. Leave. Right now. Do it for your present and future self. Do it for your kids. Do it for people who are in a similar situation and need an example to follow. Do it for all of us. You deserve more. You deserve better. It's time to start a new chapter and welcome what's next.

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