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What difference does it make?

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Mark Manson mentions it best in his book "the subtle art of not giving a F@CK" - there are only so many fucks you get to distribute on a daily basis.

Are you allocating them properly or are you allowing stuff that doesn't matter steal your energy, focus and time?

The best principle to follow is: if it doesn't matter in 5 years, don't waste 5 minutes of your time and energy on it now.

You can't feel good if you are always distracted with the small stuff that doesn't really matter.

If you are always focused on small details that don't make a difference, you miss out on all the other things that do.

Simplify your life. All of us can ditch a few things, habits and, frankly, people, to make our lives better.

In the grand scheme of things, what difference does it REALLY make if you have to stand in line a few minutes longer, if you get into traffic on the way home, if your sports team doesn't win tonight, if your plane is delayed, if that clothing item is not available in your size, if you forgot to get apples at the store? (insert any other small detail that you usually get frustrated about).

Let's be real, those little things shouldn't take any of your f@cks, especially, if you can't control them.

All those small things distract you, mess with your focus, and your energy.

If you put too much importance on unnecessary details, your life will always feel like a rat race. Most likely you will feel like there is little daily progress being made, because most of your time is spent worrying about shit that doesn't make a difference.

Since there is a limited supply of f@cks we have available daily, ask yourself whether you are distributing them properly.

We all know that our focus should be placed on just a few things that really propel our lives forward, so let's start practicing that.

Let's get rid of the stuff that doesn't matter, and create space for more of the things that do make a difference. The rest needs to simply f@ck off.

To stop self-sabotaging yourself on a daily basis, ask yourself: will this really make a difference?

Every day in the morning write down (or think about) 3 things that will REALLY move the needle. Whether it is for your personal or professional life, or both.

Remember, none of the little things matter in the scheme of your life.

Protect your good feelings, use your time wisely, focus on the stuff that makes a difference and guard your energy.

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