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No purpose state

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Embrace the "no purpose" state.

That's right, let's learn to enjoy the time spent without purpose.

It's important for your sanity, creativity and overall happiness.

Your mindset needs to reboot and just be.

It's okay to not be productive and think 24/7.

It's okay to be without agenda, plan, or purpose for a bit.

It's okay to focus on breathing and just being present.

Of course, everything in moderation (even moderation, as they say).

"No purpose" state shouldn't be something you thrive for every day.

But doing it once in a while, so you can clear your mind and gain a new perspective - is vital.

So give yourself permission to joyfully "waste" time doing something that makes your heart happy.

Whether it's something active - dancing, painting, developing a new skill or just walking.

Or maybe it's passive like laying in the sun and letting your thoughts pass by.

Just for a little while, it's okay to "waste" your time, so you can recharge your batteries.

Create room for more of what you love.

After all, the purpose of our lives is to be happy.

Sometimes, it's important to do the joyful thing just for the hell of it.

Sometimes, your mind just needs to not think and feel free.

Sometimes, you just need a break from a daily routine.

Sometimes, you just need a moment to focus on your breathing.

There doesn't need to be a reason for joy every time.

Don't think about the upside for what makes you happy.

Not everything in this life is supposed to be a grind, a side hustle, or a money making enterprise.

Sometimes just focusing on your passion project is enough.

Just do the joyful thing,

even if the ONLY thing that you get in return is joy.

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