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How to tame your quarantine demons

All of us have our own internal demons and during the Covid-19 self-isolation we've probably let them come out and feast. Many of us gave into the temptations of being at home 24/7 and saw the worst of our habits and traits come to light. This pandemic has showed us our darkest fears, insecurities and regrets. We've all felt guilty or lost at least once over the past 2 months, and we've probably indulged our inner critic more often then we'd like to admit.

Sometimes it's hard to find motivation and sometimes we just feel like playing video games for 10 hours straight or binge watching series on Netflix till 4am. We might not be proud of our achievements over the past few weeks or even months. We might think we didn't accomplish nearly as much as we wanted to. We might feel guilty for "wasting" our time and potential. And so here we are, feeling defeated by our demons, miserable, unmotivated and anxious.

It is important to know when to stop our inner critic from keeping us in a repeat cycle of regret and disappointment. There is such thing as too much self-loathing. At some point the pity party has to end, and the only person who can kick start your positivity and productivity is you. Global pandemic coupled with self-isolation, fear and stress will put many of us in a tough spot, and if you've have been able to battle it for this long, you are doing just fine. Keep going.

Every demon has an angel paired with it. That's just how things work, there are two sides to everything.

So, often, we just need to tap into that light and focus on it. Focus your energy on all the strong and positive character features that you got a chance to test and form during this pandemic. Amplify them, double down and be proud of them.

The way to deal with your demons is to acknowledge them and encounter them head on. Recognize the reason for their existence and work on creating a positive environment for improvement.

Encourage yourself do better and forgive yourself when you slip up. It's okay to allow yourself a moment (maybe even a day or a few) of weakness here and there. Remind yourself that sometimes it’s okay to spend time doing nothing for a while. It's okay to take extra time to adjust and heal. It might not look like the most productive activity, but it is necessary. It is okay to slow down and just breathe.

Whatever demons you are dealing with, exist for a reason. They are the force that helps you get better by showing you what you don't want. The trick is to keep them in check, listen to them instead of ignoring their signals, and flood them with good energy.

As we are preparing ourselves to get out there and anxiously waiting for things to start opening up again, now is a great time to get rid of some bad habits. Here are 3 tips to help you tame your quarantine demons.

1. Give yourself a reality check.

Audit your past two months, and start recognizing your demons. Embrace and understand them first, and then feed them positive attention. Try to understand what you are avoiding and distracting yourself from.

2. Understand your destructive coping mechanisms.

Replace them with some positive tricks or habits. If you found yourself indulging in too many drinks, try replacing wine with Kombucha in a wine glass with ice. If you stopped working out, start going for long walks with a podcast on. If you are eating too much junk food, clean your fridge and panty out. Replace sweets with fruits, and pop with infused water.

3. Start planning your next moves and set goals for your future.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Have I accomplished everything I want?

  • Am I focusing on the right things and people?

  • How did I change during this self-isolation?

  • What should I do less and more of?

  • How do I want to be, act and think better going forward?

Think, write, draw, express your answers however you want, but answer the questions and be ruthlessly honest. As you explore your answers, dig deeper into why you feel a certain way, or what prevents you from achieving what you want.

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