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How to isolate with your #quarantine

Whether you are single or have a significant other to quarantine with, Lockdown Living has not been easy for most of us. Many of us are not used to spending 24/7 with the same person, in the same place, with the same set up and without variety or a change of scenery. By now, many have realized that they are either with the right human they can spend the rest of their lives with or, maybe, they are with the wrong person and should leave ASAP once the quarantine is over.

The secret to surviving and thriving as a couple through this pandemic, isolation and life, in general, is simple - it's all about mutual respect. It sounds simple, but, yet, many struggle with this rule that's easy to forget.

A great relationship of any kind starts with just that - respect.

Respect for yourself is vital, as it helps to set healthy boundaries and limits, which are necessary, as they lead to self-confidence and self-love. Those three combined, show others how to communicate with you, treat you, and love you. Nurturing those qualities will help you live a healthy and happy life, as you figure out your worth and never settle for less. It will be easy to weed out people who do not align with your energy and your purpose. In fact, self-love and self-respect will repel many negative, narcissistic and abusive humans, as they would not be able to feed their egos and negative tendencies.

Once you are able to respect yourself, you will also respect others around you and the person you are with or live with. Their time, attention and actions might even become more valuable. Their limits and boundaries will make sense and, maybe, even mean more. Respect is the underlying secret that makes a big difference between being aggressive and assertive. Mutual respect will allow space for honesty, vulnerability and confrontation. Confrontation can be a positive thing in a relationship. When done right, it helps each person to voice their needs in a safe environment.

Respect is the foundation of a healthy and strong relationship, where everyone feels heard and understood. Where the darkest thoughts are safely exposed to light and the deepest wounds are able to heal. Where everyone feels safe and secure, and able to focus on growth, improvement and exploring their potential.

After laying down a strong foundation, proper maintenance is key. It is important to nurture your relationship through healthy habits and routines. Now, it is more crucial than ever before to be able to work out issues fast and learn how to move on, so here are some practical tips while quarantining with your significant other:

1. Respect each other's boundaries, space, and privacy

2. Create routines and rituals that allow each one of you to spend time on your own

3. Learn and explore something together or separately, and then teach each other. Growing together keeps things spicy

4. Practice silence or time apart from each other for parts of the day - just like you would during the pre-pandemic times

5. Save things "for later" - don't discuss or share everything all at once, as you go through your day. Practice patience and save some topics, news or discussions for later. This way you can keep the relationship interesting and exciting, even if you spend 24/7 together

The secret to surviving and thriving as a couple through this pandemic, isolation and life, in general, is simple - it's all about respect.

Respect allows everyone to create space for their own personal self-development, creativity and exploration, without anyone feeling left out or forgotten. Each person is encouraged to spend time on their own, develop and maintain their own identity that is separate from the relationship. Each person knows that focusing on their own needs and maintaining personal space helps nurture and create a relationship where everyone contributes their full 100%, making the total 200%.

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