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Channel Your Inner Child

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Have you ever notices how carefree and happy children are?

Always bursting with energy, curiosity and pure joy.

They are free of worry and stress, waking up with hope and excitement each day.

They love deeply and unconditionally, forgive often and let go with ease.

They are entertained by nearly everything and see magic everywhere they go.

They allow their imagination run wild and don't set any limitations.

They create their own rules, invent new games and make friends easily.

Children don't care what you wear, where you come from, or what you do,

they just care that you are a good person.

Children don't have biases and they don't judge.

So how come many of us do the opposite by the time we grow up?

Somehow we become so focused on achieving and attaining things, that we stop enjoying the moments.

We are pre-conditioned to search for success.

We get smarter each day.

We see and experience good and bad people, circumstances and situations as we grow up.

So we shield ourselves from disappointment and pain the best we can.

We hide our feelings, and don't always speak our mind.

We create borders around our adult sand box and don't allow ourselves to play outside the lines.

We don’t dream as much or as often, create limitations and rules, and rarely notice the magic.

We are all grown up, yet feel powerless more often than we'd like to admit.

We are independent, yet feel that our lives depend on so many people and circumstances.

We tell ourselves that we can't feel free because we have responsibilities and duties, and people who rely on us.

We have expectations, goals and ambitions, but at times feel that we might not be enough to achieve it all.

We might even feel stuck in a rat race and not realizing it (as so many of us are).

So how come children allow themselves to feel their feelings, to love without fear and explore without being afraid to get hurt.

They are fearless, and experience the moments of joy fully, while allowing themselves to play and enjoy life without guilt.

And so should we.

Let's re-write our own rules and allow ourselves to enjoy life.

Let's channel our inner child and experience life to the fullest.

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