Kelsey Boyer - Helping Women Get Unstuck, Overcome Imposter Syndrome & Become Thriving Leaders

Meet Kelsey who is a CCF certified Leadership Coach and the Founder of Women's Leadership Accelerator. She has created a 90 day mentorship program for aspiring and current female leaders looking to up level their confidence, effectively manage their energy, and gain more clarity on their purpose so they accelerate their potential & impact and thrive in their career. With almost a decade of experience in leading teams, Kelsey knows how to succeed in a professional environment and is on her mission to help women crush their personal and career goals. During this episode she will share some of her best tips for navigating the corporate world and achieving your dreams. She will also discuss her journey and transition from the corporate world into the world of entrepreneurship and coaching. Her next 90 day program starts April 2021, so check out the link below to sign up and crush your 2021 goals. In Kelsey's program you will receive: ● 12 weeks of detailed curriculum ● 1x weekly coaching calls ● Daily support and accountability via messaging or email ● Weekly training videos ● Lifetime access to personal growth exercises Kelsey Boyer: Helping Women Get Unstuck, Overcome Imposter Syndrome & Become Thriving Leaders 2:02 - Kelsey's Story 3:00 - Conquering Limiting Beliefs 4:01 - Most Common Struggles for Women in Corporate 8:57 - How to Build Confidence 10:06 - Finding Great Mentors 11:14 - Finding Balance Between Being Agreeable & Asking for What You Want 13:01 - Discussing Sensitive Topics & Money with Your Boss 17:11 - Running a Business 17:51 - Advice for Entrepreneurs Who are just Starting Out 18:31 - How to Invest In Yourself 19:50 - Finding the Right Coach 21:20 - Lessons Learned 23:43 - Starting a Business During the Pandemic 29:05 - Biggest Trends for 2021 36:02 - Creating Your Offer as a Coach 39:53 - Routine & Productivity Tips 42:17 - Resources Recommendations 43:46 - Tips for Building Confidence 45:37 - Kelsey's Plans Future Plans 46:49 - A Millennial Is 46:55 - A Millennial Should Be 47:01 - A Millennial Is Not 47:39 - Connecting with Kelsey Connect with Kelsey: IG: @kelseyboyer LinkedIn: Website:


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