Lizzie Peirce - How to Turn Great Storytelling Content into Cash Flow

Meet Lizzie who is a business owner & content creator from Toronto, Canada. She is a graduate of the prestigious RTA School of Media at Ryerson University, and an aspiring traveler. A few years ago she left her full time job at a Toronto Production Company to build her own business - Know Hau Media Operations Inc. with her fiancé Chris Hau. Lizzie is a youtuber, podcaster, serial entrepreneur, and a sought after creator with a combined audience of over 200,000 followers/subscribers. She travels all over the world sharing her adventures with her audience and spreading her mantra, "If she can do it - I can do it”. During this episode Lizzie will be sharing her tips on starting and successfully scaling her own business. She will also discuss her journey to becoming a sought after creator and how to produce content that creates an impact. We will be talking about overcoming challenges, setbacks, creator burnout, importer syndrome and so much more... Lizzie Peirce: How to Turn Great Storytelling Content into Cash Flow 1:24 - Meet Lizzie 3:21 - Her Process & Overcoming Challenges 7:18 - Working Together with Your Partner 11:56 - Hiring the Right Team & Talent  18:15 - Advice for Someone Starting Out in Photography & Videography 20:33 - Tips & Secrets on Growing Online 25:16 - Creating Content During Covid & Without Travel 30:51 - Beginner Challenges 32:52 -  How Photographers Can Figure out Where They Fit 38:54 - Advice to New Entrepreneurs 40:28 - How to Grow a Business Sustainably 42:21 - Opportunities in the industry for 2021 43:52 - What Content to Consume & Follow 46:11 - A Millennial Should Be? 46:19 - A Millennial Is Not? 46:21 - A Millennial Is? 46:57 - Connecting with Lizzie Connect with Lizzie: IG: @lizziepeirce Website: YouTube:


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