Stephanie Andrews - Entrepreneur and podcaster, helping brands create engaging audio experiences.

Steph’s love for storytelling started at a very young age, writing stories and creating small film projects. While attending Ryerson University back in 2014, Steph founded Origins Magazine, a platform that shared the raw realities of entrepreneurial journeys. In 2018, Steph saw the need for audio-first content and fell in love with podcasting as a way for brands to conveniently build strong relationships with their customer base. At that time, she pivoted Origins Magazine to Origins Media Haus, a boutique podcast and video agency focused on helping brands create engaging audio experiences and took the leap into full-time entrepreneurship as CEO. After Origins Media Haus was acquired by Quill in 2020, Steph continued on their team as Head of Production. Success to Steph is continuously finding the edge between growth and balance. During this episode we discuss Steph's entrepreneurial journey, her struggles and successes along the way. She will also share her best tips and how to's on starting a podcast and running a business. There will be so much value, you wouldn't want to miss it. Stephanie Andrews: Entrepreneur and podcaster, helping brands create engaging audio experiences. 2:06 - Meet Steph & Learn Her Story 4:56 - Overcoming Initial Challenges of staring a Business 6:58 - How to Choose the Right Co-founders 10:58 - Going through Acquisition of the Origins Media Haus in 2020 14:36 - Working at Quill 18:51 - Life after Acquisition 22:36 - Growing a Business During COVID-19 27:23 - Tips for Entrepreneurs Who are Just Starting Out 32:59 - The Production Process Details 35:27 - Marketing the Podcasts Tips 42:07 - Working with Brands, Sponsorships & Advertising 47:12 - Tools to Track Growth 50:28 - Resources Steph Recommends 51:48 - 2021 Trends to Watch Out For 53:18 - Advice for a Younger Self 55:45 - A Millennial Is 55:47 - A Millennial Should Be 55:53 - A Millennial is Not 56:42 - Connect with Steph Connect with Stephanie: Website: Instagram: @itsstephanielyn LinkedIn:


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