Anna Lozano - Founder of Love Powered Co., Mentoring Others to Become Digital Entrepreneurs

Anna Lozano is a proud mama of 2 girls, co-Founder of Love Powered Co., the affirmation company and she also owns a side hustle with USANA where she mentors women to become digital entrepreneurs. During the pandemic her family sold everything they own in Oakville Ontario, drove across the country to British Columbia and are exploring, enjoying and adventuring while building their e-commerce businesses and unschooling!  During this episode we discuss Anna's transition from corporate life into full-time entrepreneurship, the struggles and successes on her journey. As well as productivity tips, her secret behind working 3 hours a day, and best practices for starting and running your own business and side hustle. Anna Lozano: Founder of Love Powered Co., Mentoring Others to Become Digital Entrepreneurs 01:19 - Meet Anna & Learn Her Story 06:41 - Anna's Companies 11:05 - Strategy for Success 20:14 - How it All Started 24:34 - Team Members Behind the Success 27:37 - Finding Funding with BDC 30:49 - What would you do differently if you could? 32:12 - Advice for Everyone Who is Just Starting Out 36:10 - Secret Behind her 3 Hour Work Day 43:01 - Upcoming Trends 44:54 - Resources Anna Recommends 46:45 - Anna's New Adventure & Journey 53:03 - A Millennial Is? 53:15 - A Millennial Should Be? 52:22 - A Millennial is Not? 53:41 - Connecting with Anna IG: @_annalozano / @lovepoweredco Websites: - I am affirmations for self-love - high frequency cell health


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