Alex Cattoni - Founder of the Copy Posse, on How to Build a Heart-Centered 7-figure Business

Alex is the founder of The Copy Posse and the creator of The Copy Posse Launch Pad. She got her start in the marketing world 11 years ago at Mindvalley, one of the world's top online personal growth publishers, where she was part of the executive team that grew the company 3X to over 8 figures in annual revenue.  Since starting her copywriting agency in 2012, Alex has proudly partnered with some of the top transformational authors and brands in the industry, helping them massively increase profits, Customer Lifetime Value and spend ROI through her iconic email marketing campaigns, list monetization strategies and industry-leading sales funnels. Her email marketing campaigns alone have generated well over 8 figures in promotional revenue. In 2019, she launched her copywriting academy, dedicated to helping writers and entrepreneurs dominate their niches with words that work. Through her fast-growing YouTube channel of over 65,000 subscribers, social communities and copywriting programs, she has helped dozens of businesses execute lucrative launches and hundreds of students ignite their copywriting careers. She is also the co-host of the exclusive Flight Club Mastermind, a high-end event for experienced online marketers and entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses with cutting-edge marketing strategies and conscious collaboration.  Alex Cattoni: Founder of the Copy Posse, on How to Build a Heart-Centered 7-figure Business 1:33 - Meet Alex 4:33- Moving to Malaysia with a startup 6:41 - Starting Her Own Business from Scratch 9:42 - Getting Your First Clients  13:45 - Reaching out to Clients 22:24 - Secrets to Writing Great Copy 24:28 - When to Hire Your First Employee 25:58 - Budget Formula 27:53 - Knowing When to Pivot 29:38 - Social Media Tips 31:54 - Knowing Your Ideal Client 35:44 - Staying Balanced 38:34 - Dealing with Failures 41:23 - Advice to Your Younger Self 44:04 - Resources Alex Recommend 46:23 - A Millennial Is? 46:27 - A Millennial Should Be? 46:33 - A Millennial Is Not? 46:56 - Connect with Alex Connect with Alex: IG @copyposse YT Alex Cattoni Website:


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