Ben Walters - Tech founder, sharing his lessons on failing forward & building successful companies

Ben was born and raised in Toronto and after graduating from McGill, he ventured into the corporate world trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. Being a generalist at heart, he always found it exciting to not know his next move or his next role. What would cause many people anxiety, fuelled Ben's passion for knowledge in different areas and drove him to find solutions to multiple problems. After a couple stints in management consulting, he started Feedback App, an app aimed at reducing food waste. He quickly fell in love with the start-up culture, and the opportunities offered by the tech ecosystem. While Feedback App did not work out ideally, the team got acqui-hired by Hopper where they continue to work today. Ben is always interested in a variety of things and projects, which makes him great at innovating and overcoming any challenges that come his way. 01:21 - Meet Ben and Learn His Story 4:54 - Could Feedback's Model Work During the Pandemic? 7:18 - Tips for Evaluating Business Ideas 9:00 - How Can Spending on Marketing Help the Business 10:28 - How to Ensure that You Make the Right Moves 13:18 - VC Funding 15:55 - Options for Learning 19:32 - Finding your Passion 22:28 - Narrowing Down Your Options 22:58 - Dealing with Mental Angst 25:10 - Choosing the Right Opportunities 27:18 - Dealing with COVID and Business Downturns 29:09 - Advice for People Who are Just Starting Out 30:45 - Trends for 2021 34:00 - Resources Ben Recommends 41:25 - Leadership During Difficult Times 43:59 - Ben's Routine 45:00 - Personally Going Through the Pandemic 47:36 - A Millennial Is? 49:20 - A Millennial Should be? 50:56 - A Millennial is not? 52:03 - Connecting with Ben


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