Emily Padan - From Teacher to Serial Entrepreneur, Creating Sustainable & Heart-Centered Businesses

Emily's story is fascinating as she went from being a teacher to a serial entrepreneur. She thrives off of creating sustainable businesses to impact the planet and those around her, and co-owns Hinter, a hotel company creating scandinavian design spaces hidden in nature. They have received a lot of exposure on Dwell, Dezeen, Azure and was recently nominated for Arch Daily's building of the year 2021. Emily also founded Bloom Class amidst the pandemic, which is a virtual education platform for children and youth. Both businesses plant trees for every booking, making the world a greener place, while empowering those around her to do the same.  She also recently launched her own podcast - Finding your wave. If you want tips on entrepreneurship, time management and personal growth, Emily is your human. During our episode she will be sharing a ton of her tips and secrets, so lets jump into the episode. Emily Padan: From Teacher to Serial Entrepreneur, Creating Sustainable & Heart-Centered Businesses 1:16 - Meet Emily 4:12 - Starting a Company with Your Partner 17:50 - Learn More About How They Built Their Businesses 27:33 - Marketing Efforts & Scaling 32:15 - Clubhouse vs. Podcasts 33:54 - Emily's New Podcast 36:05 - Managing it All 40:21 - Recommendations to Her Younger Self 42:37 - How to Find Your Passion 46:24 - Content Recommendations 49:46 - A Millennial Is? 46:59 - A Millennial Should Be? 50:06 - A Millennial Is Not? 51:46 - Connect with Emily Connect with Emily: IG: @emilypadan @findingyourwave @hinterhouse @hinter.studio @bloom.class Sites: www.bloomclass.co www.hinter.com


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