Organic Marketing Secrets from Nick Silva

Nick Silva is a Digital Entrepreneur, Organic Marketer, and host of the Under The Influence Live Broadcast. He is also the founder of Funnel Factory, a leading digital marketing agency specializing in sales funnel design and organic marketing. Silva’s company has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, coaches, and influencers master the art of sales funnels through his online trainings and coaching programs. This episode is filled with realness. Nick will be sharing his growth tips and secrets on scaling your business. We will discuss mindset, goals and his documentary where he wants to showcase it all, and provide real world perspective on the amazing benefits of social media ( people he meets, influencer marketing deals he brokers, travel hacking methods, social impact), as well as what it actually takes to accomplish these goals ( the everyday sacrifices, the challenges of entrepreneurship, the failures, the backend strategies behind successful online sales). Organic Marketing Secrets from Nick Silva: 01:54 - Meet Nick & Learn His Story 03:53 - What is organic marketing and how do funnels actually work? 09:50 - How to scale on LinkedIn? 21:37 - How to figure out your ideal customer? 26:15 - How to create great content that scales all the time? 29:52 - The difference between a live broadcast and a vlog 39:12 - What are the tips, advice, struggles that you didn't think that were gonna happen, but happened? 49:01 - Learn more about Nick's show 54:40 - When do you start your plan, is there a deadline? 56:36 - Connect with Nick 57:49 - Millennial is, should be and not... Connect with Nick: IG


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