Andrey Zhuravlev - Bootstrapped E-commerce Amazon Business to 7-figures

Meet Andrey, e-commerce entrepreneur, successfully bootstrapped his Amazon Private Label business from $10k to 7-figures USD in under 3 years while keeping a full-time job during the first year of operations. If you want to learn how the industry works, or want to start your own store, this episode provides a step-by-step action plan. During this episode we discuss everything about Andrey's business and breaking down the resources and tools you need to succeed. He shares with us his tips for scaling his business, as well as everything you need to know to successfully start your own amazon store. Andrey has also launched his mentoring program, so if you need more coaching, advice and support, he will be happy to help. See the details below on how to connect with him. Andrey Zhuravlev: Bootstrapped E-commerce Amazon Business to 7-figures 1:17 - Meet Andrey & Learn his Story 5:16 - Lessons Learned the Hard way 6:57 - Product Andrey Sells 8:09 - Andrey's recommended Tools 12:35 - Everything You Need to Know about Delivery, Packaging & Fulfillment 14:51 - Managing Your Supply Chain 17:53 - Secret to Getting on the First Page 19:05 - Setting up Product Prices 20:13 - Working with Influencers & Growing on Social Media 24:37 - Advice for Someone Starting Out 24:54 - Mistakes Made Early in the Process 29:05 - The Golden Rule to Follow when You Start Out 31:10 - Should you Build a Brand First 44:50 - Resources Andrey Recommends 49:10 - A Millennial is 49:16 - A Millennial Should Be 49:22 - A Millennial Is Not 51:57 - Connect with Andrey Connect with Andrey: For mentorship & Q's Website:


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