Aja - CEO & Queen Bee of Drizzle Honey, Creating Buzz with the Sweetest Story

Meet the Queen Bee behind Drizzle Honey who has a fascinating journey to starting her own business. When she started her company, she combined her background in Environmental Science and Urban Agriculture development with passion for sustainable food production. Now Drizzle Honey is sold in retail locations across North America and online. Aja is continuously enthusiastic about bringing innovation to market and bolstering female entrepreneurship. In this episode we discuss her path to staring Drizzle, challenges, successes and lessons learned along the way. 1:19 - Aja's Story 2:44 - Secret to Creating a Great Product 5:23 - E-commerce Journey 7:33 - Secrets to Scaling 9:33 - Challenges to watch out for as a small business 11:50 - Lessons Learned during COVID 13:11 - Growing your Business from Home 16:00 - Advice for Anyone Starting Out 19:11 - Choosing the Right People for the Team 25:44 - Secret to Getting into an Accelerator 26:37 - Trends in The Food Industry 28:39 - Plans to Grow Drizzle 29:45 - Suggestion for People Looking to Switch 26.   What’s your process when you come up with a new idea? (31:07) 32:43 - Staying on Top of Trends 35:35 - How to Finance your Business 44:06 - A Millennial is? 44:28 - A Millennial Should be? 44:44 - A Millennial is Not? 45:29 - Connect with Aja


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