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Things all Multitaskers Should Know

The crisis of our age is a crisis of attention or lack thereof.

There is so much abundance around us daily that we are often more scattered than focused.

Our attention span is less than that of a goldfish,

which is amusing and disturbing at the same time.

We are overexposed to everything and one of the most difficult choices we face daily is what to pay attention to, what to leave out, and what to focus on.

There is a lot of stuff everywhere we go - outside, in our pockets, in our heads, in our phones, all around us, and it's overwhelming.

We are over-scheduled, overstimulated and overworked.

We are always reachable.

We have so many competing priorities, and there seems to never be enough time.

We are never still.

With the abundance of information, it seems like we can never pause and take a full breath.

So instead we try to make ourselves feel better by "multitasking".

But active multitasking is a myth.

What we are actually doing is just rapidly switching between several tasks.

We are robbing ourselves as we fail to fully immerse and get rich in knowledge and experience.

We are not built to actively multitask.

We are not built to be fully immersed in multiple experiences at the same time.

We are not built to give 100% to multiple tasks in the same moment.

We are not built to have this fragmented consciousness.

When we are not focused on the experiences we are going through, those experiences don't fulfill or enrich us. They add no value while taking our energy away.

So then what's the point of doing something in the first place?

To just check it off our lists? To tell others we did it?

What value are we adding by wasting our time and focus?

Where we place our attention is where we place our energy.

If we constantly keep shifting between tasks and priorities, our energy becomes scattered and our work mediocre.

There is never a way to do it all.

There is never a way to have it all.

Our brain is designed to want more.

Our neocortex is conditioned to never be satisfied and strives for better and bigger things.

The key is to recognize this default setting and focus on what matters most to us.

Figure out what’s a MUST and what's nice to have but not a necessity.

Deep down we all know what makes us happy.

So let's focus on that and appreciate the process.

Being fully immersed in something is required for any positive transformation, education or enlightenment.

Let's shorten our lists and say "no" to activities that don't add value.

Let's put our energy towards only a few things that matter most and really make a difference.

It's necessary to slow down, quiet the monkey chatter and breathe.

We are all looking for a productivity hack, so here it is:

To be more productive, we just have to focus our energy on the present moment and the task at hand.

So let's stop robbing ourselves, and concentrate our attention on the experiences we are going through. After all, the ability to do that is what separates good from great.




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