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Keep your Eyes on your Own Paper

Just like they tell you at school, you succeed best when you keep your eyes on your own paper and don't pay attention to how everyone else is doing.

We all know that, but for some reason often forget and question our own success by comparison. So why do we do it?

Why do we intentionally sabotage ourselves knowing that nothing good comes from comparison?

For every minute we spend comparing, questioning our skills and putting ourselves down that's one minute less we have to spend on our own progress.

Social media could be a source of inspiration and positivity, but it also fuels that comparison game. There are not many people in this world who can see someone else's successes, exciting moments and fortunes and be simply happy for them. 

Even unintentionally, the voice inside often triggers the process of evaluating our own progress against someone else's.

Even though we know that there is no measuring stick for success. We often need a reminder that everyone's path to success is different. Everyone's definition of success and happiness differs as well.

Comparing our page 1 to someone's page 20 is not productive and takes away energy and focus.

There are millions of opportunities out there, and an abundance of everything you desire.

Just because one person was able to achieve something, doesn't mean you can't do the same or better.

It is much easier to get yourself feeling lost, aimless, stuck and unsuccessful than to always feel hopeful and grateful for the progress you've made. Our brains follow the path of least resistance, and negative self-talk offers just that - the easier path.

When you find yourself coming from a place of lack more often than not, and being sucked into a negative space, it's time to focus on re-writing the script.

Check back with yourself and acknowledge what you have accomplished so far. Writing it all down helps because you can always add more and go back to review when you feel negativity creeping in.

Sometimes, more radical measures are needed, maybe that's unfollowing or muting notifications from people that give you those feelings on social media.

The place you want to get is being able to admire someone's work, talent or beauty, without questioning your own. If you are not ready to feel happy for others without putting yourself down, it's okay, take your time to heal, and focus on your own path. Once you rebalance, you can go back to those people for positivity and inspiration.

How do you know when you are all better, you ask. The answer is simple: when you feel happy for others, their successes and their experiences without negatively reflecting on your own.

When you support and encourage more than you judge or criticize. When you are able to move away from negativity with ease and don't let it tarnish your inner peace.

Being your own cheerleader is key. Flood yourself with positive feelings as you acknowledge how far you've come. You are good enough, you are achieving everything you put your mind to, while growing and learning. Let others be your teachers and mentors and when you see something amazing they post or talk about, feel happy for them and feel gratitude for the fact that now you know what they've achieved is possible. Let them guide you to bettering your circumstances and improving your skills. Pay attention to things and people that bring good energy into your life, and focus your attention on your goals, positivity, and your next moves.




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