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Is Quiet Quitting Changing the Paradigm of the Workplace?


Is quiet quitting the new way to work? This is a hot topic that is breaking the internet, with people on both sides of the argument. On one hand, you have people who say that quiet quitting is just doing your job and not going above and beyond. On the other hand, you have people who argue that quiet quitting means you're not trying hard enough

Quiet quitting stands in sharp contrast to the hustle culture, which advocates continually outperforming and exceeding expectations. Although it is a relatively new word, it is already practiced by a huge number of employees. In an August study of 1,000 working Americans conducted by, 21% said they merely accomplish the bare minimum. Another 5% claim to be doing even less than they are paid to do. The amount of time people invest in their employment reflects the trend of silent leaving. According to the poll, one-third of respondents had cut their weekly work hours by more than 50%.

Some say that overworking only gets you so far in corporate America and that it has been clear that both mental and physical health often takes second place in productivity in many of these controlled corporate environments. And indeed, finding a balance between work and life is essential nowadays. 

While others acknowledged that some people may be as unfulfilled in their current role, and don't want to exceed what is expected of them. Some corporate leaders voiced out that employees who feel the need to quit and do this in their roles should speak directly to their superiors and discuss ways how to improve the situation at stake. As a matter of fact, some thought leaders say that people that go above and beyond to solve challenges for the organization, their teams, their supervisors, and their bosses are the ones who achieve success in life.

Which side of the coin are you? Are you the #quietquitter type or are you into the #dedicatedcorporate life?

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