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Engaging Topics for Your Next Blogpost

Are you seeking new ideas or topics to interest your readers in your next blog post? Here are a few ideas to that you can use to get you started. Each of these subjects can serve to entice readers and keep them coming back for more. These blogs will inspire, instruct, or just entertain your readers.

So, what are you waiting for? Start writing!


Peculiar BlogPost Ideas

  • Counter popular myths with facts in your niche. 
  • A list of reasons why you should do something.
  • Share any cultural or traditional facts that is different from your own

Productivity-focused Blogposts

  • Share a list of your most-used productivity tools and apps
  • What are your tips to keep oneself motivated
  • Share your bucket list
  • Share the best habits you have that help you finish your tasks
  • Share tips on how to battle procrastination 

Trendy Blogposts

  • Share any trendy/recent news in your niche.
  • Create a reaction blog on any trending topic in your niche.
  • Tell people about the recent travel you have and what you learned
  • Share the pros and cons of a new software application related to your niche
  • Write a feature on new product/s you are launching. 

Lifestyle Blogposts

  • Talk about your skincare/healthcare routine
  • A typical day in your life
  • List of books, podcasts or movies that inspired you
  • Talk about your travel experience
  • Give recommendations on your daily must-haves. 

Social-media focused Blogposts

  • Write about the top apps you can’t live without.
  • Share tips on how to grow your followers in <social media> 
  • Share tips on how to increase your engagement in <social media>
  • Share 3-5 easy steps on how to monetize your skills in <social media>
  • Promote an application that you really love and write a feature about it. 

These are some blog post ideas to assist you to come up with new and innovative material for your blog. I hope you found this post to be useful. Most significantly, while the principles stay the same, how creatively you deliver them to your audience and engage them for a longer period of time is entirely up to you. I hope you found this essay useful. If you've already decided on a topic, I believe it's time to get some experienced SEO advice for your post.

Do you ever get stuck for ideas while writing a new post or starting a new blog? I'd love to hear your tactics for surviving it, so please leave a comment and/or share this blog post if this is helpful to you.

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Join the community of over 200,000 Savvy Side Hustlers who follow us for side hustle and business ideas, tools & tips. Join today!