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Embracing Change

Things today move at such a rapid pace that change is no longer a surprise or an unexpected occurrence. For many people change is something routine, almost like brushing your teeth in the morning.

We become immune to the pace at which things shift and events happen. We learn to not get attached or get used to something as it is because it will change, whatever IT is.

In a way, this attitude makes us adaptable to the fast-paced shifting world we live in, in a way we become numb to events on a daily basis, because we know that tomorrow will be another day full of headlines and important events that will make today's stories old news.

 Change is not just an event - it's a skill that needs to be developed and refined.

Some of us are better than others at surviving and shielding ourselves from uncomfortable outcomes. Some of us frequently struggle with change and find it hard to cope with.

For the ones who have a hard time adjusting, it's good to remember that change is like quicksand - the more you fight back and panic, the less progress you will actually make. The best thing to do is to relax, embrace the situation and stay calm.

The 3 levels of change that we can all focus on are: outcome change, process change and identity change.

The first two are pretty self-explanatory and are easier to grasp and stick to, however, the identity change might be a tough one for many.

Self-discovery process is never easy but is necessary for a great life. Refining your image and focusing on what kind of person you want to become, helps you to stick with your new habits and routines as you successfully move forward. It is tough sometimes to break the habits and patterns we are used to, and it requires diligence and persistence to embrace change.

If you are struggling with committing to your new habits, here're a few tips:

  • Make it obvious - indicate a consistent time and location
  • Make it attractive - create a ritual that makes you want to complete the task
  • Make it easy - start small and add more later
  • Make it satisfying

With the help of innovation, technology, globalization, and constant competition between companies, things go out of style, become obsolete or are replaced with the newer and better versions every 12 months or even more often. This means change is predictable. Maybe not the exact outcomes, but the sheer fact that it is going to happen and there is no way around it.

In order to view change as a positive force that helps vs destroys, we need to ensure that we are prepared.


Change is rarely a straightforward line, but you can prepare yourself for the next curve by improving your mindset first. Mindset is key in this process.

People who resist changes often view any discomfort as a negative outcome. However, looking at the situation from a different perspective might help uncover new possibilities.

Growth and comfort do not coexist, therefore change creates more opportunities and abundance. Overcoming challenges helps people get stronger and develop new skills, which means change is a catalyst for improvement.

Meaningful change doesn’t require radical change. In fact, sometimes just your willingness to learn and stay open-minded is enough to set you apart from others.

It all comes down to the skills you are learning and developing on a regular basis.

If you keep your finger on the pulse of your current industry, news, and trends, you have a good chance to successfully surf the waves of change and adapt to the new environment quickly.

It is always best to be part of the changes vs. reacting to them. Being agile in every aspect of your life is what works in the 21st century. It is important to constantly improve in your personal and professional lives.

Sounds overwhelming, we get it. But that's where it is important to remind yourself that progress is progress. As long as you are staying open-minded, and taking steps towards bettering yourself, no matter how small, you are doing it right.

Change is exciting. It signifies progress and if you view it from the perspective that you GET to change instead of you HAVE to, your life will get better.

We should all be willing to change, after all, that's the type of world we live in - the only thing constant out there is change.





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