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3 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategy is NOT Working

Posting on your social media profiles but not seeing any engagement or the desired results?

Are you like some brands who invest a lot of time or money in social media, yet clients keep adding items to their shopping carts without making a purchase?

Hopefully, the next three items can help you get more interaction from your audience, gain more followers, and turn likes into actual paying clients.

1. You are not being consistent. 

Most social media platforms, if not all require consistency, much like a diet or exercise regimen, to be successful. You won't get very far by posting once a month or whenever you can. Consider yourself to be your customer. People won't feel like there's anything happening with your brand if all they see on your Facebook page is a single post from four months ago, and they'll be less inclined to participate.

2. You do not engage.

Too often, I see social media pages for businesses that have tons of interesting information, only to realize that posts and comments are disregarded. These comments require a reaction, good or negative. Responding to inquiries demonstrates your concern for your client's needs.

You are not really required to spend all day coming up with elaborate replies. Making your audience feel noticed might be as basic as saying "Thank you" or "We're sorry for your experience." Additionally, it demonstrates to other users who frequent your social media page that you are interested in, attentive to, and concerned about your customers' demands.

3. You have no strategy and you don't look into your analytics.

Do you have a schedule for what and when to post?

Do you go back at the statistics of earlier postings to evaluate what was successful and what wasn't?

A social media plan is necessary for any business. Increasing brand recognition might be the final result. It may be to increase sales for some. Others may wish to create long-lasting partnerships. With your end in mind, create a plan. Recognize your target audience, the time commitment you wish to make, and the goods and/or services you want to advertise. 

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